about myself

I’m a sophomore with major interests in Programming and Entrepreneurship. Wouldn't call myself a nerd, but am a geek for sure. I love to work on my own and prefer minimum interference during a serious job. I love to learn new things and will always do so. I am also popular among my friends for being unorthodox in every aspect of life. I grew up in Asansol, a city in West Bengal and attended my senior high school in the capital city of India, New Delhi.

I came to the States in the year 2018, after completing my 12th Grade. Coming to HU is a dream come true. I feel proud and lucky to extend my knowledge under this prestigious institution.

R e s u m e

The Unofficial Version

It’s a complex question that I’ve spent nearly a decade trying to figure out for myself. I have traveled to dozens of countries, reads hundreds of books, thousands of articles and scientific papers, and met with hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors and executives trying to get better at making decisions and building systems that thrive in the face of uncertainty.

It started for me when I was applying for a job to be a social-media manager. I got on a call with one of the founders, Dan, and we talked for about an hour. I thought it went alright (narrator: it didn’t).

The next day I got an email saying they had hired someone else. Their response was, in sum, “you seem reasonably smart and a decent enough human being but you have no specific skills to being a social-media manager.”

I wasn’t upset so much as shocked. I had gone through 18 years of schooling. I got good grades. How did I not have a single marketable skill?

Shortly after I got turned down for that job, I started reading the Moz Guide to SEO, a free online tutorial on digital marketing. I created a website in the kitchen remodeling space (which I knew, precisely, zero about). I wrote almost twenty thousand words about kitchen remodeling over the next few months in between part-time jobs I was working. The site started to rank in Google and I started getting website visitors.

I cold emailed ten marketing agencies a month later after the site had continued to grow and showed them my work and asked for a meeting. One agreed to meet for coffee and I walked him through my site and all the strategies I used and explained how I could do the same thing for their clients. They hired me the next day.

After I’d made a website and gotten a job that I really liked, I started to wonder: why did I procrastinate starting to learn SEO for so long? It wasn’t that expensive. Buying the books I needed and setting up the website cost less than $100.

The answer was that I wasn’t very good at making decisions in the face of uncertainty. Not sure what the “right” thing to do was, I had done nothing.

I went on to work with a startup in California (the one that originally turned me down for the role), which forced me to deal with more and more uncertainty. Two years in, I remember walking out of the office on a Tuesday night in March after having spent the whole day fighting with a manufacturer who was threatening to drop us because we were also working with a competitor and our largest customer that owed us more money than we made in a month. In the past, this would have been overwhelming and I would have been lost, but I remember feeling confident that I could figure it out, which I eventually did.

Job History

Not that experienced in this field, but have couple of them to reflect on.

Associate Android Developer

Google LLC. Gurgaon, India.

The role of Android Developer is a skilled, entry-level position. Employers often require a bachelor’s degree in software development or a related field, but they typically do not require work experience as an Android Developer. The next rung on the career ladder would be Senior Android Developer, which involves taking on leadership and mentorship roles.

Application Manager

Santander, London.

I worked at a role for a banking client, Santander in Milton Keynes. They were looking for someone with Android and Java skills to work on some mobile banking applications. I was contacted over LinkedIN for this role over a span of one month. It was really a great experience working with them. I was responsible ro frame to back-end of the android application and control the dynamic flow of data.

Software Engineering Intern

Google LLC. Ocean Beach, California

It's a 12-14 week summer internship that offers personal and professional development, an executive speaker series, and community-building. This program will give me an opportunity to work on complex computer science solutions, to develop scalable, distributed software systems, and also to collaborate on multitudes of smaller projects that have universal appeal - which requires research, awareness, interactivity, and the ability to ask the right questions.

Care Assistant

NursePlus, Colchester

I play a pivotal role in providing excellent support and care for clients and my daily tasks as a Care Assistant includes assisting service users with personal care, medications, daily activities and leading a more fulfilled life. Nurseplus is a national company with a network of branches across the US. We are committed to supporting our workforce to ensure they have the right skills to do their job and enable them to develop themselves and their careers.

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If you have any queries feel free to contact me at.

+1 (617) 863-9833