Octoroit OS

Octoroit is an overlay that seems like an operating system. Its made to give you a different feeling and clean interface to your computer.

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  • Website: octoroit.weebly.com
  • Completed: 11 Jan 2017

​My first Virtual OS called 'Flux OS (Retro Version)' was great . People loved it's Design and Features. But it was lot slower and had many bugs in it . So I had to make something great. I've spent so many days thinking of new designs , features and written more than 170,000 + lines of code to make things come to life . Then after a long time I got Octoroit as a result, the worlds most amazing Visual Basic Virtual Operating System* yet. Now it's lot more smoother,responsive and more professional looking OS ever made in Visual basic. And Its out now. You can download it from the Download Page. Go give it a test drive and don't forget to tell what you liked about it the most.

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